Policy Statement:

  • All staff to adhere to the environmental policy and procedures. There are audits carried out internally on a monthly basis to ensure staff is adhering to correct procedures and areas double checked to prevent cross contamination. 
  • Staff training is provided at initial start and review annually to ensure all members adhere to policies.

Policies in Place for the following:

  • Waste Oil
  • Filter Disposal
  • Tyre Disposal
  • General Waste
  • General Scrap Metal

All vehicles are fuel efficient and ongoing training ensures our drivers, and our vehicles have a low impact on the environment. 

We have been adding AdBlue on our vehicles, this sprays onto the exhaust system and this in turn reduces the carbon omissions form the vehicle which assists with the lower impact on the environment.

AdBlue is a solution of urea in demineralised water (32,5%) used as a fluid in the latest generation of diesel-powered Euro4 & Euro5 trucks. It is a common misconception that AdBlue is a fuel additive.

AdBlue is contained in a separate tank to the fuel and is sprayed into the exhaust gases. Therefore, it is never mixed or added to the fuel. AdBlue is not a fuel additive. It is an exhaust treatment chemical. 


If you have any questions, anything at all we are here to help. Please call us on 01290 425164 or drop us an email.