03 Initial Driver CPC

Initial Driver CPC

We are now running our own designed training course which contributes 7 hours towards the training schedule. This brings a refresher to all drivers irrespective of the years of driving it brings again to light the changes in the industry over the years.

Driver CPC & SAFED Training Courses

At present we are authorised to run two types of CPC course. We have an 'In Cab' course 'SAFED' (Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving) so there is no loss of earnings on the vehicle and the employee can explain and discuss the issues they face on a dially basis. We also operate a classroom based course which covers Drivers hours/Tachograph and Driver/driving Health & Safety/Emergency First Aid/Manual Handling.

EPIC (Drivers Skills Card) Training Courses

All our drivers have completed their EPIC training which now also contributes training hours towards the CPC hours. EPIC is becoming a more required course for quarry work etc, this highlights loading issues and new safety requirements within the quarry industry. 

VRU (Vulnerable Road Users) Training Courses

All of our drivers have now completed their VRU CPC Training, which contributes training hours towards the CPC hours. VRU is a requirement of the MPA (Mineral Products Association) and it highlights the issues of the most vulnerable road users on our roads. 
Our 'In house' Training Coordinator is a qualified MPQC Trainer, and we deliver our own Drivers Skills Card and VRU CPC Training.

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