04 Diver CPC Courses

Diver CPC Courses

JAUPT Periodic Training

The Driving Standards Agency in GB and the Driver & Vehicle Agency in NI, have formed, the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT), they approve and quality-assure training centres and courses for both PCV and LGV.  JAUPT ensures that a consistent approach to training centres and courses is maintained across the haulage industry.
Periodic training is continuing professional development for bus, coach and lorry drivers.
All drivers must undertake 35 hours of training in every five-year period. The minimum length of a training course that contributes to the requirement is seven hours.

JAUPT Approved Training Centre

Courses and training centres must be approved by JAUPT on behalf of the competent authority for the delivery of periodic training. The content, title and method of delivery of each training course are subject to review during the approval process. The seven hours excludes any breaks or administration time, only direct training and contact time (time with a trainer) count towards the periodic training requirement.

Periodic training is designed to improve the knowledge of the driver and it will include courses such as working time directive, daily checks, tachograph regulations and safe and fuel-efficient driving. There are no tests or exams involved but training centres will be required to evaluate each course to ensure that those attending have benefited from the training that they have received.

MPQC (Epic) Course

The MPQC driver skills card, formerly known as EPIC, is an initiative backed by the MPA (Mineral Products Association) which is now industry wide. The program is designed to help improve safety awareness of drivers, to minimise risk of accidents and to promote an industry wide attitude towards safe behaviour.

VRU (Vulnerable Road Users) Course

VRU is a requirement of the MPA and it highlights the issues of the most Vulnerable Road Users on our roads. Our in house training coordinator is a qualified MPQC trainer and we can deliver our own driver skills card and VRU CPC training. Interested in this course? Please contact our trainer

CPC Module 4

Regulations which came into effect in 2007 now state that new drivers must complete two initial CPC tests in order to drive any commercial vehicle. This module is a test to make sure you are equipped to check over the vehicle correctly and safely, making sure you know what to look for in an unsafe vehicle. Recently T French and Son's Trainer has been approved to train and examine the CPC module 4. This makes for the complete training experience here at T French and Son and with a high availability and flexibility with this course you will have no problem getting on your way to your career. For more details about CPC module 4 courses please contact us here

Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) Course

Presently we run several CPC courses, mostly in the classroom, here at T French and Son. But we also offer the SAFED which is Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving and offers drivers the opportunity of in cab training which contributes to your CPC hours; 35hours over 5 years. Ask about details here

Other CPC Courses

- Emergency First Aid
- Defects and Daily Checks
- Tachographs
- Load and Restraints

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